Thursday, 6 November 2008


Today the people of Glenrothes, a small town in Fife, have a privilege which many of us yearn for. They have the opportunity to vote during Gordon Brown's term of office. The rest of us are waiting stoically for an opportunity to vote for Gordon Brown as Prime Minister of even if we should be part of the great European redistribution of wealth scam.

The last time Scottish voters had a chance to illustrate how much we admire Gordon the voters of Glagow East, up until then a hotbed of Socialism, decided they would be better off with the Scottish Nationalists.

I just hope that the people of Glenrothes are not blinded that Gordon represents Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath(the next door consituency)and is credited with saving the local football club Raith Rovers. It is said that he has been canvassing personally on the local streets but I have never seen that confirmed. I don't think he would risk a public appearance unless it was early morning with specially selected members of the party, sorry public, surrounded by minders three deep.

I think it could be very close because of the local considerations but surely they are not daft. If Gordon loses Glenrothes then surely the game is up. It would be the final proof that nobody wants him and the only reason to remain would be to wreck what is left of our economy.

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