Thursday, 6 November 2008

The Banking Industry

I am currently watching Question Time and watching Jack Straw grovel over Iraq is gratifying but the question which really gets me going is the answer about the banking industry.

As I see it we, the taxpayer, have been forced to bail out the banks. We have never been allowed a vote on this (remember we are still regarded as a democracy) but this crowd of idiots who almost ruined the British economy have been allowed to continue in their traditional manner.

They still expect to receive their bonuses which frankly are obscene and yet the banks do not appear to have understood or even been grateful that their sorry arses have been saved. They continue to operate in exactly the same way as before.

The New Labour Project which has sustained these people throughout their money grabbing activities has been shown to be unable to control the banking industry. They have thrown our money at the very people who have almost brought our banking industry to collapse and on the surface they have not imposed any conditions!

What do they have to do before we are regarded as being the poorest country in the world?

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