Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Baby 'P'

I make no apology for revisiting this disgraceful subject after seeing the ITV news this evening. I watched a woman called Sharon Shoesmith, who is head of the criminally neglectful staff, say that there are no grounds to sack the people who allowed this poor child to suffer so terribly. Sacked! They should be jailed! Apparently they got written warnings and that sums up the care that these bloody people have for our society.

What do we have to do to make these politically correct morons understand that the torture of a child is unacceptable. It is so unacceptable that she and all the people involved should be hauled in front of a court and jailed for their utter incompetence!

If we don't jail them then it will happen again and again. How many kids need to be tortured in Harringey before Sharon Shoesmith realises that her values are incomprehensible to a decent,caring human being. She is obviously brainwashed by the culture of the New Labour Project which will always care more for their political aims than the safety of any child.

Our society, our caring society, a society which has always respected the care of our children and our elderly is being systematically destroyed by a political class which is only interested in their political goals. It all stems from the corrupt and unaudited European Union. Come on folks argue against me - the European Union, political correctness and positive descrimination tortured poor little baby 'P'.

Gordon Brown will not care a fig about Baby 'P' but he is ultimately responsible.

PS I am now watching 'Newsnight' the New Labour Project's mouthpiece and they are going on about further training and learning - that is not the answer - the answer is employing the experienced and elderly! Get them to train the next generation of carers, teachers and instructors because they have the last vestige of educated sensibility and that should be passed on to the current generation - Fat Chance!

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