Friday, 7 November 2008

Glenrothes - 20000 blinkered Scots!

Well I did say that it would be close and to be honest it wasn't! I have to admit that I have 'previous' in this region because my parents were Scottish and my father's sister and her family lived in Kirkcaldy.

Glenrothes is an old Labour stronghold mainly because it had a mining background and some of these people are so blinkered that they still believe that Gordon Brown represents socialist principles. He was brought up in the area so they are refusing to believe that Gordon would change sides and alongside Tony Blair put himself ahead of his former principles.

I suspect that the Credit Crunch hasn't reached them yet and the fact that the NoLab candidate was a local school head probably won the day. I get the impression that they are really quite parochial and let's face it many of the Scots realise that English subsidies make life that much easier. NoLab have ensured that they looked after the electorate north of the border and their lives have not been blighted in the way we have suffered in the south.

Education in Scotland is untouched by Ed Balls. The cleanliness standards of the NHS do not seem to have fallen like they did in the south. They still have Scottish Law and so there is a semblance of order. The European Union does not appear to 'interfere' so much with Scotland as it does in England and of course they have their own parliament something not enjoyed by the English.

All that together with the fact that they consider the Tories and the Liberals as 'English' and therefore lower than scum. This is because their history books have been doctored conveniently forgetting that a large part of the army which eventually defeated the Scots at Culloden were in fact other Scots!

People believe that this one result might persuade Gordon to contemplate a General Election. Forget it...there are still an awful lot of English around and he knows it!

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