Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Baby 'P'

The details emerging of the injuries received by this poor little mite are so harrowing that I cannot think of a better reason to bring back the death penalty in this country. I make no apology that I personally would go even further and publically flog the swine responsible. I know that puts me firmly in the camp of the hangers and floggers which the do gooders love to denounce but have they a better idea?

How long will the decent members of the public have to wait before someone who makes the rules decides that enough is enough and introduces a punishment which will put the fear of God into the type of person who thinks that it is fun to torture a defenceless baby.

And what about the useless pillocks at the Harringey Child Protection Unit (or whatever other trendy name they go under)? How can these people sleep at night? How can we describe the idiots who allowed this to happen after 60 visits!! What were they looking at? What were they looking for? How stupid does one have to be to miss what was going on?

Clearly the recruitment policies at councils like Harringey are not meeting the criteria for the job involved. Political correctness and positive discrimination have replaced experience and common sense. I would bet that there are thousands of grandmothers in this country who would give their eye teeth for the inflated salaries of those who failed to detect systematic torture. Any one of them would have had that baby out of there without a backward glance.

Another class victory for the New Labour Project!

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