Monday, 10 November 2008

Obese Children

I see the experts are bleating on again about how obese our children are getting. Has it never occurred to them that children who are not free to play outside are bound to get obese. As a child I was free to roam anywhere and played out all day with my friends unmolested. What kind of society have we created when kids cannot play outside because there are so many monsters roaming our streets.

Is it not about time that we began protesting about this outrage. I cannot believe that we have sat back and accepted this situation allowing the likes of this awful Home Secretary to ignore the obvious.

We all know that the lack of police on the streets (which of course nobody is to blame for), soft sentencing and the treacherous Human Rights Act have conspired to keep our children indoors where they lose their social skills and get fatter and fatter.

Sooner or later somebody will have to undo the damage of the New Labour project which has always been designed to allow the state to bring up your children. That is why we have the highest teenage pregnancy rates in Europe, the drunkest kids, the most uneducated children in the last one hundred and fifty years and now the fattest kids in history. New Labour is working for you but you won't like the result.

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