Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Strictly Come Dancing

Two days ago I blogged that John Sargeant was inadvertently in danger of wrecking the BBC's flagship programme 'Strictly Come Dancing'. I suggested that perhaps it was time to remove himself from the controversy so that the programme could return to the original format to discover the best dancer from a cast of amateurs.

Today he did the honourable thing and announced that he will dance for the last time on Saturday night. Well done John you have onbiously given a great deal of pleasure to a lot of people but enough is enough. This year we have the best set of dancers the programme has ever had and it would have been a travesty if a competition in which everyone is absolutely busting a gut to win could be ruined by a prank.

Well done John we see so little integrity in public life today that it was a pleasure to you conducting yourself with dignity. I do feel somewhat sorry for your partner though who has been magnificent.

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