Sunday, 16 November 2008


Last week an event happened in Boston (Lincs) which failed to capture too many headlines but I think that it is quite significant. In a By-Election for the Fenland Ward the BNP gained more votes than all the other parties combined.

Now before you cut your throat in horror let me tell you that the overall turnout was only 22.1% which just about sums up the public apathy in this country for local elections. I do think though that the result was interesting. The BNP candidate polled 279 votes, an Independent 141 and then came the main stream parties, Conservative 119, NoLab 64, UKIP 24 and LibDems 23.

You see if you want out of the corrupt European Union, like I do, the only parties who you can turn to are the BNP and UKIP. All of the main political parties are aligned to the European Union and like NoLab probably won't give you a vote because they think they would lose. The result of this little election appears to suggest that UKIP have lost their way completely much like the LibDems since Nick Clegg took over.

The problem is that if you read the mainstream media you will not want to align yourself with the cropped headed, swastika tattooed, bovver boys who want to wage war on anyone who is non white and pollute the BNP. If you visit their web site or read their very professional newspaper you suddenly get a different perspective. I cannot really disagree with their mission statement either and some of their news items expose activities that the other newspapers amazingly will not report.

I think that support for the BNP is growing as people become dissillusioned with the nonsense in the House of Commons. Week after week goes by and nothing changes. Nobody is addressing the issues which concern the man in the street. Gordon Brown may have the support of the media, particularly the BBC, but most people I talk to hate the man. David Cameron has an open goal every week in PM's Question Time but can't make Brown answer a question. They should be attacking everything that NoLab stands for and exposing their power crazy antics but they draw back from going for the kill.

I think their unity over the European question prevents Cameron from hitting Brown too hard. Whatever the reason this is not the Conservative Party which we once knew. Integrity appears to be lacking which is a concern. I shall be watching the march of the BNP in the future and if nobody else tells you about them I will.

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