Sunday, 16 November 2008

Nevres Kemal

Nevres Kemal is the woman with the Turkish Cypriot background who allegedly tried to save the children of Haringey from Sharon Shoesmith the Children's Services Director and her Deputy Cecilia Hitchen. She has been labelled 'The Whistleblower' for writing to leading politicians warning them that if Haringey continued with their current code of practice then someone would die. She was completely ignored.

For that she was falsely accused of 'child abuse'. A trumped up case which threatened her relationship with her own daughter. It was a vicious, malicious, nasty attack on her character and an entirely predictable response from NoLab officials who ruthlessly crack down on any opposition. Make no mistake folks these NoLab people are not playing games here. They have an agenda which most of us normal,average people will never comprehend.

It is all about power and we all know what power does and what absolute power also does. We English don't like revolutions. We don't like our politicians but we don't think that in our democracy they intend to destroy us. Then along comes the case of Nevres Kemal and exposes the real aims and intentions of those who serve a 'rotten' borough like Haringey.

The trouble about this case is that it has nauseated even the most apathetic of us. To torture a little boy in such a cruel and barbaric manner is bad enough but what about the women who allowed them to do it? What can we do with people who are so power crazy that they have no feelings for abused children whatsoever? These women put their jobs above the safety of Baby 'P'. Have they resigned? What do you think? A little boy has been slaughtered but it probably won't appear on their pie charts and graphs and therefore according to Sharon Shoesmith there was a lot of 'good practice' in her department. In my opinion she should be jailed as an example to all those NoLab officials who think that colouring in their charts is sufficient to keep them in their six figure salaries.

If I was David Cameron I would offer Nevres Kemal a job to advise the Tories on just how bad NoLab practice is and then attack them on all sides. If I was the Queen she would be on my next Honour's List because there is little doubt that this very brave woman is a heroine.

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