Monday, 10 November 2008

The European Union

I read that the auditors have refused to sign of the accounts of the European Union for the fourteenth consecutive year! This is of course a travesty of democracy particularly as we have never been given the chance to vote on the issue.

Now I can understand why supporters of the New Labour project would support the EU because they are part of it. They work for the EU after all so they are bound to be involved.

What I don't understand is the reluctance of David Cameron to question the reasons behing the inability of the EU to pass an audit. Why are the three main parties ignoring this failure which by its very existence questions the eligibility of the EU. Every organisation has to be publically audited and after fourteen years of failure surely somebody in Parliament should be asking question.

We pay an enormous amount of money into the EU so that it can be redistributed to the poorer countries when it is patently obvious it would be better being used by us to support the NHS, build lots more prisons and raise the basic pension to a respectable rate so the elderly can afford to heat their flats and houses. Why have the three main parties united behind the EU when it has such an appalling financial record?

Only UKIP and the BNP openly oppose the EU and state that they would if elected pull us out. I am amazed that they don't get more votes and can only put it down to misinformation and apathy. Think about it folks! Fourteen years of European sleaze supported by Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg. It makes you proud to be British!

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