Sunday, 2 November 2008

The BBC and the Snouts in the Trough

It is amazing that quite often one isolated incident like the recent furore over the Russell Brand Show often uncovers a whole host of worms which the powers that be want to cover up. Take the BBC for instance because it now transpires that over fifty of it's staff are on salaries which far exceed that of the Prime Minister.

This is from a company which is funded by you and I the British taxpayer. In effect they should be accountable to us and so their salaries should reflect concern about not wasting taxpayer's money. So how have all these people been allowed to raise the salary levels way above that which I for one would consider agreeable.

Well the lucky old BBC has become part of Gordon Brown's New Labour Project (NLP). That means that as long as they follow the party line and broadcast NoLab propaganda then they have the right to grab as much public money as they like.

Ever since the row over Professor David Kelly which saw the resignation of Greg Dyke the philosophy of the BBC has been to be overtly sympathetic to NoLab. It is these days run by a BBC Trust which I believe was introduced by Harriet Harman and I would bet a pound to a pinch of salt that it is stuffed with supporters of NoLab because that is how the NLP works.

So here we go again we pay through the nose for a company which to all intents and purposes is so unwieldy that when Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross go bezerk with power nobody spots that they have gone over the top. It is high time that the BBC forgets the licence fee and make its own money. This fee should be abolished but have you ever seen any part of the NLP abolished. Even when it is crippling the country it grinds remorselessly on swallowing billions of pounds.

The problem is that I haven't seen any sign that the Tories want to halt the NLP either. I suspect that is because the NLP was spawned by the European Union and of course only the BNP wants to leave Europe which is why of course they are so 'odious'. That is the term always used by the Murdoch press empire to any body of people who want to leave the European Union.

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