Monday, 24 November 2008

The Economy

Oh Dear! Who is right? Who is responsible? Who has the answers? This is so important because the future of our children and grandchildren is at stake. We have a Chancellor of the Exchequer who is borrowing like nobody has ever borrowed before to keep our financial system (which failed us) in business. He has already propped up the very people who got us into this mess but has not ensured that they have got the message.

The Tories say that he is wrong. All the financial experts are pitching in and giving so many different answers but who is right? Does anybody know?

Well I have managed my family economy for almost forty years and I can only lean on common sense. My wife and I have always been prudent because we have had to be prudent. In 1976 when interest rates went sky high the British Army sent me, at very short notice, to Northern Ireland and I lost control of our finances because we were living apart and I was spending more than was sensible. I almost lived the life of a single man which meant I spent a lot of time in the bar!

It had its consequences and it took us a good few years to get on an even keel. Despite our problems we did not borrow a penny! We inherently knew that what is borrowed has to be paid back often with interest. Now we were lucky because I always had an income and it was just a matter of managing that income properly.

Now Alistair Darling is in the same situation. He has an income and he must manage it properly but he can't do that if his ideological ideas do not let him manage it correctly. He pays out millions every day (I hear £37 million per day) to the European Union and we get very little back. We still pay out billions in foreign aid to countries like India and Pakistan which they do not need (well India doesn't and Pakistan is no friend of this country). What amazes me is that none of our mainstream political parties attack this huge expenditure! We cannot afford it!

Why are we still in two wars when neither war affects our security. The war in Afghanistan does not concern us. Let's face it we have absorbed so many of their citizens into our economy that both Iraq and Afghanistan should be eternally grateful!

If, back in 1976, my wife and I had borrowed our way out of our financial difficulties then we would still be paying it back. Alistair Darling is borrowing billions just to win the next election and the idiots in this country will cheer. The rest of us know that it has to be paid back with interest. It will not work because most of the public will not rush out to spend the few quid that he has tossed in our direction.

NoLab have frittered away their inheritance and it showed in their embarrassed faces in the House of Commons today. It is poor economics and everyone knows it. Wake up folks Brown and Darling are driving us into the ground and they don't care because despite their fine words they will lose the next election (if we ever get one) and then somebody will have to repair the damage that they have caused.

My worry is that the last time the Tories got their hands on the economy it was a disaster and we were so chuffed when a fresh faced conman like Tony Blair told us that 'Things can only get better'!

So here we are today and where do we go from here? NoLab have proven themselves to be useless and the Tories have also proven themselves in the past to be equally useless. The LibDems have no authority whatsoever so who can lead the country. Maybe we should go back to the monarchy and let Prince Charles have a go (joke folks) but we need a radical approach to our future. Unfortunately we will never get one unless we embrace a new fringe party

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