Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Head Lice

There are increasing reports that foreign workers are being employed before British workers and that immigration is still running unchecked. I have no worries about well qualified people from other countries coming here to earn a living. One just has to look at the NHS to see the benefit of employing foreign health professionals.

The problem arises when unqualified foreign workers can elbow out our kids simply because they are more reliable, more willing and more educated. It is shameful that the education system in this country consistently fails the kids who do not have parental back up. If the child has a conscientious parent then that child will probably succeed but if the child has no parental back up then they have no chance of a decent education.

My daughter, who is a conscientious parent and has the backing of equally supportive grandparents, tells me that she spends hours every evening guiding her daughters through their homework. They are aged seven and five. This is surely time that they should be playing and enjoying life but Ed Balls says no they must continue their education.

Then what about their classmates? You know the type of kid who comes in covered in head lice. If they do not have the back up of parents then how do they get educated?
This is the problem. The education system appears to ensure that the kids of the 'chav' society are condemned to the gutter and it shows. This is NoLab in reality.

How can employers employ the unemployable? How can the unemployable kids from the chav estates get out of their situation? This is a Labour government in action. They have done absolutely nothing in ten NoLab years to help the very families who they traditionally claim to help. This is why I have no truck with them as a party.

Gordon Brown has been proven time after time a charlatan. But what then? Is David Cameron going to concern himself with the kids with head lice? He has probably never met a kid with head lice! It is horrible that kids at school are beginning to accept this affliction of the poor as normal.

Which political party is going to tackle this educational problem? When I was a kid my parents lived on a council estate along with the parents of all my mates. We were all poor but when the 11+ came along those of us who were academically acceptable passed the test. The others gravitated towards the trade training route and became plumbers, builders and mechanics and in many cases earned more money than the academics! Tell me what was wrong with that?

These days the 11+ test is regarded as being unacceptable. What has replaced it? The kids leaving school today are uneducated. They have no knowledge of any of the normal educational 'norms'. Who is responsible for this? Who has destroyed the education system in our country? Our kids are so uneducated that they are unemployable and must rely, for the rest of their lives, on either crime or the government. No wonder employers prefer to employ foreigners.

This is the legacy of Britain since we became part of the Euroopean Union which all three of our legitimate political parties support. Our kids at the lowest end of the social system no longer have a route to prosperity. The head lice kids will only produce more head lice kids because they are encouraged by this government to do so!

Can anyone argue against that synopsis?


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