Friday, 14 November 2008

Haringey Council

Can anyone really believe that the system introduced by NoLab is falling apart at the seams? The system which depends on every government department reaching targets imposed on them by Gordon Brown and his cohorts is failing all across the land but then it is bound to.

Remember the Marxist states of the Soviet Union, East Germany and Rumania? They all failed because the Marxist target driven policies will never serve the people. They only serve the political class. That is why today's police fail the public but serve their political masters. The Civil Service is no longer apolitical. The BBC resemble the former Soviet mouthpiece 'Pravda' (Pravda is Russian for truth).

Today in this country they have created a political class, an army of administrators, trustees and grey suited aparatchiks who depend on this government for their inflated salaries. We also have a huge underclass, a sub culture of scum who also depend on this government for their welfare cheques. Add to that an immigrant population who should be grateful for entrance to our welfare state and this is a huge bedrock of Labour voters.

That is the plan. Make so many people dependent on the state that they dare not vote for any other party. Simple isn't it?

Then along comes 'Baby P' and even the scum bags and the apathetic and the ignorant have to blink and think 'hell what is happening in my country?' The details of this case and the slavish acceptance of NoLab policies by the Haringey Council are so utterly abhorrent that even people who have been conditioned not to think beyond football, WAGS and the X Factor are talking about it.

We have Social Workers working to a plan which makes them partners with sex abusers and murderers. We have doctors who cannot diagnose a broken back and in Manchester the Social Services ignore a mother who then kills her kids! The final insult is that all these people are being paid a king's ransom to fail their clients.

So what happens when someone who is actually concerned about the welfare of the children writes via her lawyer to Labour MPs. They fall back on NoLab principles and cover it all up because the person responsible for implementing NoLab doctrine is Sharon Shoesmith who is one of THEM! She has a six figure salary which entitles her to luxury trips abroad and entrance to boxes at high profile race meetings despite the fact that she knew about the death of 'Baby P'.

This is NoLab in action folks. It is real and in your face and at the head of it all is Gordon Brown the man scared of facing the electorate who despite his promises has denied you a vote on the European Union. You will only see democracy in action in this country when we get that vote.

Gordon Brown has ruined our economy. He has ruined our social services. He has ruined almost everything that he has touched and do you know what... he cannot even tie a tie! Have you noticed that this man who represents our country cannot tie a tie! I cringe every time I see this imposter in public.


transfattyacid said...

You fail to mention the police who had two investigations into the matter and dropped all charges because they couldn't identitfy exactly who was responsible for attacking the child.

And then all but admit they are lying by saying they knew nothing about the lodger or the boyfriend, which leaves only the mother (by their account) and end up offering exactly the same excuse as Sharon Shosmith, but for some reason everyone over looks their farcical roll in the affair.

As for Gordon Brown, well let's just say he is part of the whitewash.

bryboy said...

The whole affair is so typically New Labour that it might just be the wake up call that the public need. I know friends of mine, who ignore most things political, are at long last, pretty disturbed about this poor little boy. In my opinion Gordon Brown is not part of the whitewash he is at the head of it but then most people who read this blog know what I feel about that. Thanks for you interest!