Thursday, 30 October 2008

Gordon Brown and the Economy

Gordon Brown and his pet poodle Alistair Darling seem to believe that their answer to this credit crunch is to borrow their way out of difficulty. Has anyone ever borrowed their way out of economic difficulty? Countless of idiots have tried to do it but all they get is more heavily in debt!

Some time ago I blogged that I was concerned that if we allowed Gordon Brown to remain in control of the country he would ruin us all. You see it is my contention that Gordon is not bothered about the welfare of the British economy. His only concern is the continuation of the New Labour Project (NLP). As I have often said the employment of so many stooges on such a high salary level is unsustainable.

Gordon is borrowing way above his own self imposed fiscal rules purely to keep the project, which has already ruined our country, in place. If he is allowed to continue then heaven help our grandchildren. Single handedly this man is being allowed to ruin the economy. I am amazed that the press have never cottoned onto his plan. He has already raided pension funds, sold off gold reserves and raised tax levels so high that every aspect of our lives is affected.

Gordon Brown is pushing us so far into debt, purely to sustain the unsustainable, that his very presence in government has to be questionable. He is ruining our economy and every day that he remains in office will eventually finish us off. How can one man who was never elected in the first place cause so much harm?

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