Wednesday, 12 November 2008

PM's Question Time

Last month I blogged that this weekly parliamentary farce was a waste of time because the current PM never answers a question. Today he was at it again and showed himself incapable of reacting like a human being. When asked by David Cameron why the leader of Haringey's Child Protection Unit was being allowed to investigate the failings of her own department he fell back on political rhetoric as he always does.

His inability to recognise the public revulsion about this case was never more evident. It is now quite clear that the most important thing to him is the maintenance of the New Labour Project. The growth of the governing political class must not be allowed to be derailed by the death and torture of a little boy. It does not matter that kids are being shot on the streets. It does not matter that the country is rapidly being bankrupted. The only thing that matters is that the New Labour Project moves forward.

I think that the person heading the Child Protection Unit concerned will no doubt be asked to resign. She will publically resign but after a short holiday she will be quietly employed somewhere else. This is how the New Labour Project works but don't tell the people of Glenrothes because they wouldn't believe you!

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