Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Barack Obama

Ok it has happened and America has their first half black President (Honest he really is half white!). He is a really deeply impressive orator but I cannot help regressing back in time to the election of Tony Blair as PM following 20 years of Tory sleaze. We all thought that we had our Messiah. Honestly I fully remember so many of us greeting the election of Tony Blair as almost the second coming!

Now we all know what happened after that. Tony Blair was the worst conman that this country has ever produced. He involved our army in wars that were none of our business and as a result committed our forces to wars that we could not win but which would commit them for years to come. He reduced parliamentary procedures to a farce, politicised the bedrock of out society like the Civil Service and the Police, so that their powers were neutered. He also introduced the Human Rights Act which of course employed his wife profitably but has been the demise of any attempt to punish criminals or foreigners who commit crime.

It reminds me of the reaction of so many people to the anointing of Barack Obama. I would just like to add a note of caution. He cannot single handedly fight the evil in our western world. Look at the Bilderberger Group who control so much of western finance and the press. He talks continually about 'change' but so did his opponent John McCain. He would not be in the position that he is or to have spent so much money on his campaign, unless somewhere along the line he has done deals.

Big business would never, ever, allow a novice like Barack Obama into the hot seat unless they know that he will do as he is told. Sorry folks but that is the ugly truth! Somebody, somewhere is supporting Barack Obama and they are not doing that because they want democracy to survive! At that level democracy is a joke.

Having said that I really want him to do well but more than that I want him to survive. Barack Obama has arrived in a wave of sentiment, good will and hope but then so did Tony Blair! Let us hope that the American version is the real deal.

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