Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Haringey Council

This horror story continues to evolve and the mainstream press reporters are really getting stuck in and rightly so.

It now appears that the Child Protection Officers are all following guidelines layed down by those on high. They appeared to be terrified or unable to use their eyes, ears and common sense. This poor little boy was passed from Social Workers to Police to Doctors for months on end and nobody seemed to be able to make the only sensible decision possible and get him out of that woman's care.

It appears that the guidelines state that the child should remain in the care of the mother wherever possible and so that was it. The kid was obviously being battered senseless but if the guidelines say he must stay then so be it. After all if you go against the guidelines like Nevres Kemal did then you could be up on charges of child neglect.

What type of person terrifies people to this extent? What type of organisation refuses to allow people who work under such pressure to use common sense? Who is such a control freak that they impose guidelines and regulations on almost everyone regardless of experience?

When Ed Balls the Children's Minister stands up and says that he is calling yet another enquiry into Child neglect in Haringey I suspect that he already knows who is to blame. He knows who wrote the guidelines and he knows who imposed them on the staff. I suspect that when he looks in the mirror he is quite close to the culprit!

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