Thursday, 13 November 2008

Broken Britain

It is now a daily occurrence. Events which thirty years ago would not be imagined are now happening in our homes and on our streets with a regularity which are appalling. And yet we the British stoically keep accepting that we live in a democracy and that eventually everything will be OK.

It is not OK. We were the bastion of democracy fifty years ago. We led the world in almost everything. We had wonderful education which we exported to the third World. Our NHS was the envy of the world and our justice system was strong and effective. Everyone knew what would happen if we committed crime. Crime against women and children was punished so severely that it rarely happened. Crime against the police was socially unacceptable.

Fast forward to today and read the papers and listen to the news. We have lost all sense of propriety. We have a Prime Minister no less (who will never be elected) who refuses to accept any responsibility for the grotesque events which occur daily on our streets. We have black gangs running around our street killing and maiming.

We have young uneducated, unmarried mothers being rewarded for lying on their backs and doing what comes naturally but then we have the consequence of their pleasure. Thousands of largely unwanted children are now clogging up the education system.

I see what my grandchildren are having to do to comply with the demands of the NoLab
Education Secretary (sorry Children's Minister)and yet the mothers of the kids who cannot read, write or think will ignore these targets and their kids will end up polluting the streets.

My grandchildren are being burdened by unbelieveable workloads (at ages 7 and 5) and yet the literacy and numeracy levels in this country are abysmally low. The kids move through the system and unless they are part of the great unwashed they will get 'A' grades but probably 'A' Star grades. They then fast forward to university and we in Loughborough know all about that. Don't get me wrong because Loughborough University has a good record but we as residents suffer. What about the social responsibilty of these universities?

The kids who go to university have a great social life and then suddenly they face reality. By that time they are in huge debt and they have a degree which means absolutely nothing. Oh and by this time they are 24 years of age!

These are the kids who have some sort of social backing and the bank of Mum and Dad will always look after their kids but what about the others? They are being left with no form of support. Mum and Dad (oh sorry because dad has buggered off and the slut doesn't know who the father was or which father fathered which child) cannot help this child with his or her homework because they only copulate. They have been encouraged by NoLab to produce children so that they will receive a home away from their feckless parents!

What about these kids? Who is encouraging them? Who looks after them? Who inspires them? These are the questions that I would like the disciples of the New Labour Project to answer. They have spawned a generation of delinquents. What do we do with them and the same question goes to the Tories.

Every town and every city know who these people are and yet they are being encouraged by NoLab. It has to stop! How do we stop it?

Well this has only happened since the onset of the European Union. Everything has happened since we became part of this horrendous alliance. We are being crippled by the alliance beteen NoLab and Europe. They want to destroy England. Let's face it Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own parliaments and the reason for that is that they are irrevalent because they can now legislate for themselves. The English are not irrelevant they are significant and therefore dangerous and must be destoyed! Argue against me! I challenge anyone to argue against what I say is happening to the English. We are being marginalised, forgotten, abused and degraded.

What should we do?

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