Sunday, 2 November 2008

Criminal Damage

My front garden is simple and neat. The guy who designed it and block paved it so expertly did a great job and I have spent a lot of time keeping it neat so that it looks nice.

On Saturday night some lunatic came along stood on my low wall and jumped into one of my neatly trimmed privit bushes crushing it an splitting the whole bush wide open.

I cannot imagine the type of individual who would walk past a neat but unobtrusive garden and decide to destroy it. This is the type of idiot who we have bred in this country during the past twenty years. It is likely to have been a student because we have hundreds living close by and out of term time we live in a very quiet suburban area.

When the students return we are suddenly surrounded by unwanted shopping trollies, discarded road signs, shattered glass and fast food cartons. There is something about the 'yoof' of today which makes them an alien species to previous generations who were brought up to be courteous, responsible and neighbourly.

I know that many of the youngsters are probably extremely decent types but generally and collectively they are capable of being over-sexed, drunken, wasters who display a lack of knowledge and manners which makes them the most hideous generation ever spawned in this country.

I feel so much better now!!


LCFC said...

My gran says that bad things happen to Derby fans that live in Loughborough......

bryboy said...

You made me smile lcfc! Your gran could be right but I've been here for a long time now so I will just have to put up with a damaged privet bush!