Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The News Tonight!

Am I not the only person who is utterly sick of NoLab politicians publicly apologising for their behaviour and then carrying on exactly as before. Remember this is the nauseating Council who failed Victoria Klymbie (spelling) and then continued to follow NoLab dogma which is based on politics and not on human compassion!

They keep saying sorry when they are caught out but they are being caught out on every aspect of their policies. They only care about power and how to achieve it. They do not care about people. They only care about control. They apologise but NEVER resign because they are part of the political class that NoLab has created and is expanding and as such they have no conscience!

I promise you that this is now developing into a war. The British (English) people are under attack from an almost invisible enemy. Witness tonight that the BNP have had their total membership list published on the Internet and it is now in the hands of the press.

This is how to effectively destroy the opposition. It is disgusting! The BNP are a legal political party who disagree with Gordon Brown. To publish a list of their members is an act of betrayal and we have already discovered this week that opposition to Gordon and Ed is not tolerated. Look at Nevres Kemal and I make no apology for revisiting this courageous lady because they trumped up a charge designed to punish her honesty and threaten her most treasured possession. They attempted to take away her daughter!

I tell you what folks get ready for the struggle. You never thought that the Soviet Union would come to England. You never thought that East Germany could ever arrive on our shores. Well tell that to Baby P, tell that to the soldiers coming back from the war zones miles away from home dead or broken, tell that to the uneducated kids deprived of a proper education, tell that to the pensioners who cannot heat their homes and tell that to the members of the BNP who thought that they would support a cause which disagrees with Gordon Brown and tomorrow might lose their jobs!

And just to emphasise the issue they won't find my name on the membership list of the BNP but they bloody well might find it in the morning!!!

We must find a home for our outrage and now we have got one. If NoLab are so troubled by the existence of the BNP then perhaps we should challenge them. Perhaps Nick Griffin is not the best person to lead us and perhaps some of their members are not who we would want to get into bed with BUT their mission statement is clear and unequivocal. They clearly state that they disagree with NoLab and will fight them.

Perhaps if enough of us join the BNP then we can steer them towards respectability. If they do have a racist connotation and I am not saying that wanting to limit immigration or wishing to curb Muslim extremism is racist then perhaps we will suddenly have a fourth and very appealing political force.

I think that it is worth a thought.

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