Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The London Olympics

If this Olympic Games costs any more money I reckon that every Londoner will be skint. The original costs have spiralled by about £7 billion pounds and I just wonder what kind of idiot got his sums so ludicrously incorrect.

Now the news breaks that the PM has sanctioned extra money for the opening and closing ceremonies, a move which has even brought criticism from our queen of athletes Paula Radcliffe. These politicians squander so much public money that it is becoming almost provocative.

Everything about these Olympics has been mishandled from the start. The estimate, the stupid logo, the accommodation, the tickets and now it has been announced that security alone will cost 553 million pounds. That doesn't surprise me too much because our politicians will all come out of hiding and an awful lot of people want to get their hands on them! I'm surprised that they haven't had the main stand bullet proofed. Instead they have hired over 23000 security guards.
Not enough guys and gals not enough!

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