Saturday, 31 December 2011

Modernisation - the curse of our country!

I have been reading about modernisation and the modernisers and at long last I have seen the light. For the past 20 years I have been searching for the reasons that the social contract that bound the citizens of my country together was under such attack from within the country.

It has all been done under the guise of 'modernisation' a term originally coined by the socialists of the Frankfurt Institute many decades ago. These socialists thrive on a bland and boring language which means nothing to most of us but to their own contains a highly significant and dangerous message.

They readily bandy about terminology like, urbanisation, industrialisation, globalisation, secularisation along with other 'isations' which appear nebulous until they are defined and put into context with events in real life.  When we read the definitions which I have linked with Wikipedia and then compare them with the mass immigration which has been inflicted upon us then everything becomes so much clearer.

The modernisers and their lackeys, recruited through 'Common Purpose', ensured during 13 years of Labour rule that our country was invaded by hundreds of thousands of immigrants thus fulfilling the criteria of almost all of their 'isations'. When we also read the definition of secularisation then we can believe that the perceived attacks on our Christian based culture is not imaginary because it has all been planned.

I was alerted to the culture of 'isations' by that admirable political commentator Peter Oborne who recently penned this article. It would appear that David Cameron is beginning to realise that 'modernisation' is not the way forward. In the meantime he has to struggle to hold together a party split between modernisers and eurosceptics. It does seem strange to me that all three main political parties have modernisers in their ranks and that is why it never seem to matter who wins the election because all the leading players are modernisers!

Personally I have another name for people who attempt to dismantle their own society from within. So just for the record the following appear happy to be termed 'modernisers', Kinnock, Blair, Brown, Mandelson, Harman, Clegg, Cable, Laws, Andrew Mitchell (Foreign Aid), Maude, Justine Greening, Claire Perry,Matthew Hancock, Jesse Norman and Ed Vaisey. There are of course many, many, more and Chris Huhne just has to be on the list but now I know what I'm looking for the task will become easier.

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bryboy said...

I believe that this has been one of my most important posts. I have guided people to the definitions and yet nobody has picked me up. This post has been ignored and the reason is that it is actually quite boring which is want they want. What a shame!