Wednesday, 14 December 2011

You don't have to pay your BBC licence fee...!

There is a quiet revolution going on in this country. At the moment it seems to be confined to the blogosphere but it is gaining momentum. Much of it is built around Lawful Rebellion but it is clear that the powers that be have actually perpetrated a massive fraud on the public.

We, the public, trust the authorities to treat us properly and create a fair society but increasingly they are cheating us all. We, the British, who legend has it, won two world wars (with a little help from our friends) have become a complacent, compliant, uneducated, miserable bunch of non thinkers and cowards. 

We cannot be bothered to challenge anything. We have accepted all the EU regulation and above all we accept the legal system which is flawed. I now direct you towards probably the most important post ever on this blog. Someone, somewhere who calls himself 'Ripper' responded to my request that he expands his allegations that we are being duped (please scroll down). Surely we cannot ignore an accusation that the payment of the BBC licence fee is actually a is illegal...they have no right to impose it on us. They cannot enforce it so why do we pay it?

We pay it because we are scared...we believe that the detection vehicles actually tour the streets discovering who has not paid their licence fee. This is the BBC in action. It is not true. We have been conned, lied to and betrayed.

Folks, when the demand for your TV licence comes through the door then ignore it because you don't have to pay it. They cannot enforce it and ...they know it!


Ripper said...

Thank you for this follow-up post. Things like this should be spread as widely as possible. I have a couple of useful links which, though I was under the impression that these sites were more widely known, may be of use to your readers.

Holds a vast collection of scanned TVL letters containing empty threats and a fair amount of intimidating language.

Excellent website. Lots of information. Worth a visit.

Been around for some time. It's entirely text based but contains loads of information.

And of course, another source of information is the TVL site itself. The legal framework is here:

Starve the beast!

198 kHz said...

See also the most informative forum -

bryboy said...

Tks guys for the info. I must now start reading up!