Monday, 19 December 2011

I don't agree with Nick!

Nick Clegg
Nick Clegg

There is a famous television moment when prior to the last election Gordon Brown proved what a prat he was by continuing to trumpet the message 'I agree with Nick'! It was pure comedy because it became clear during the debate between the party leaders that he was totally out of his depth.

At that time Nick Clegg had an opportunity to seize the moment. At long last a LibDem leader had an opportunity to bat for Britain. To my utter horror the Conservative party under David Cameron failed to win that election and and had to forge a coalition with the LibDems. I will confess that I am neither a Tory or a LibDem because, as an ex professional soldier, I have batted for Britain all of my life. I am an unashamed nationalist but in these modern days I sometimes have to compromise.

I really do not know what separates Nick Clegg from Ed Miliband. They both prefer rule from Brussels to rule from Westmonster. In his recent stance against the EU David Cameron flushed out all the traitors. Top of the list was his 'ally' Nick Clegg who apparently agreed the stance by Cameron and then I believed he panicked when he realised that Cameron was going to do it. Then of course we had the guardians of the BBC and the 'BBC' of the Guardian ( please choose your adjectives according to how strongly you feel!!).

Now we hear that Clegg does not support tax relief for marriage and wants the House of Lords to be elected. Oh Nick please get a life! YOU are married. You must therefore agree with matrimony as a commitment! If you don't why did you marry the missus? Clearly the commitment of marriage supports a stable family life and in these days of so many feral children we must reward those prepared to commit to family life as we did in years gone by.

Then his posturing about the House of Lords! Bloody hell Nick can you not concentrate on what the electorate wants? Believe you me the public does not give a flying fig about the House of Lords. Down here on Planet Earth people are suffering, they want jobs and it is up to you to create them. You clearly are against the British public and they will make you pay in the end. I therefore have to concede that I don't agree with Nick!

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