Friday, 23 December 2011

Common Purpose

Common Purpose Leeds 2007

When I began this blog back in January 2008 one of my first posts concerned the secret government recruiting organisation 'Common Purpose'. I have since posted 31 times on Common Purpose because I believe it is important. This organisation is linked to the European Union and their 'graduates' have infiltrated every aspect of public life.

Some time ago I discovered  a list of graduates  which illustrates the extent to which these people have pervaded our society. There are people from Education, The Police, the NHS, Trade Unions, Banks, Civil Service, the BBC (inevitably)and a variety of quangos.

For a time I concentrated on those police officers who had been recruited to attend the matrix course. It is relatively easy to see when they 'matrixed' and then 'google' their subsequent career and some have had spectacular advancements. Yesterday it was announced that four senior police officers were under investigation for malpractice. The most senior, the Chief Constable of Northants, Alan Lee, is yet another Common Purpose devotee.

I am not the only person concerned about the tentacles of 'Common Purpose' running the country regardless of electoral result. Someone in Stoke has highlighted the extent of the problem in his local area. I know others are also trying to uncover this modern secret society.

One of the most high profile 'graduates' is Asst Commissioner Cressida Dick of the Metropolitan Police. She was in charge of the squad which mistakenly bumped off Jean Claude de Menezes the Brazilian electrician at Stockwell. John Walker penned a Freedom of Information request simply asking if she had attended a Common Purpose course? The obfuscation and delay is comical particularly when the answer can be found on my 'list of graduates' link!

Sorry about all the links. I realise that it is a lot of reading but they are very deeply entrenched and we will never have integrity in our public services until we root them out and expose them.


bryboy said...

No Comments? Bloody hell! The only rule about fight club is that you don't talk about fight club!

bewick said...

No comments eh Bryboy.
Well here is one.
I also know about Brian Gerrish and Julia Middleton.
I cannot be sure that it isn't actually a conspiracy theory.
Until 20 years ago I was seriously senior in a major Local Authority. I would have known about CP if it existed then and I think it did because it started in 1989 when Julia would have been 31.
I was totally unaware yet Training was one of my responsibilities. Maybe it was too soon. You can be sure that if anyone had hailed it as a major breakthrough then people would have been knocking on my door – but they weren’t. so in 1989/90 CP had no purchase. Things have changed.
My peers and colleagues would have to have been seriously duplicitous to keep such knowledge from me. They were but I was sensitive to plots. Could smell ‘em a mile off. THEY, then, didn’t know about CP.
None of them were that clever and I never had a whiff
MANY (often seriously flawed and expensive) "niche" training programs covered much of what CP is said to cover. CP seems to simply replicate what others have, in parts, advanced.
Management Consultancies are seriously good at peddling crap for serious money. I think that I was one of a handful of honest consultants perhaps to my financial disadvantage. I always call a spade a spade and some can’t cope with that. Their loss.
However it IS just possible that Julia found the holy grail and presented something which actually works.
Then again I find that a little difficult to believe. I was a "graduate" of a Durham University program. The academics were seriously good and totally top of their class (Hell Durham was vying for 3rd positi0n with Warwick after Oxbridge) but never presented the "holy grail". That was for us to find and it really IS unattainable and varies via situation. Just try and try and, if you don’t succeed , then try and try again.
Julia isn't particularly academic so how did she discover how to turn lodestone into gold except by accident - or design. (Frankfurt School). Merits some thought. She must be a genius – ha ha. She isn’t. She is a snake oil salesperson with a serious political and destructive agenda.
An HONEST programme would be totally upfront but CP isn't. It is shrouded in secrecy. It also follows the rituals of corrupt organisations with levels of “attainment”. Much like the Scientologists.
ME? Well a BSc, followed by an MSc, followed by a Phd, followed by a Fellowship looks pretty normal to me. Unexplained levels culminating in “matrix” doesn’t. Sounds like a new, and odd, religion.
CP has a chiiling objective – “beyond authority”. Mmmm. I did, sometimes, ex

bewick said...

Had to split this one – sorry

exceed my authority and act “ultra vires” (beyond legal power) . I only ever did that , very rarely, after serious thought and regard for the worst consequences (I could be sacked and/or sued) and only ever did it when the alternative would have a bad result logically. “Rules are for the guidance of wise men and the obeyance of fools” was always my motto but I did generally stay within the bounds of legality.
CP does not seem to have such morals or ethics or rules come to that.
Even worse is that CP is being peddled to recent Blair graduates which is seriously worrying since they haven’t the intellectual rigour to question – or so I tend to see. Some may but very few. 5-10% maybe. Like only SOME of Grammar School pupils of the 50s and early 60s.
This totally fits the objectives of the Frankfurt School which is to destroy from within. I am inclined to believe that Julia is a follower of the Frankfurt School (that is totally Communist) and has hatched a very clever plan by combining the best bits of the many good training programs. SOME may actually be beneficial.
As for the participants. I do not for one minute believe that they know what is going on. They embark without knowing the destination. At the end, totally indoctrinated, they disembark proclaiming “best journey ever” and then proceed to destroy as programmed and without analytical thought – or any thought at all.
Ouch. So cynical but then that is one of my better attributes. Cynicism and scepticism keeps me sane ( so far at least)


bryboy said...

I think that you are trying to get so much off your well educated chest and it is the privilege of this blog to allow you to do it. You really have a lot to say (because of your seniority) and I want to listen. You sometimes confuse me but I really want you to keep going because you have so much to say. I believe that you were at the crossroads for this country. Bewick please keep supporting this blog. I am sure that I am not the only person fascinated by your input. I believe that CP began in reality about 1991/92. I am currently delving into the police involvement. It is interesting.