Friday, 23 December 2011

Happy Christmas!

It is time for the grumpy one to wish everyone a really Happy Christmas! I have just returned home from a normal Friday evening at my local club. The bowls section of the club always congregate in the same is becoming a row because it seems to be expanding.

I am so thankful that I have so many social friends because life is meaningless without friends. It is at this time of year that people actually begin to appreciate what they have got. So Merry Christmas to my family, to my mates, Bert, Derrick (spelling), John, Paul, Rob and Margaret, Colin and Cinth, Michael and Jane, my relations Chris and Derek and their families and my mother in law, to Ali's church friends, to Ruth and Ben and family, to my dear Mum, to my NLITEC ex trainees, Jay (who supports me without question) and her family, lovely Jackie who works such long hours and Bec who I have found again after so many years. Then we go north to Scotland to Iain's friends Jess, Tris, Linda and Dan and Ann. 

I would also like to include my son's ex wife Janine because she is responsible for our third granddaughter Taylor. My old army mate Bill and his wife Valerie and then Dennis and Jen and Pete and Sue and Ann and Mick and Alex and Jane...this is getting ridiculous!

I have probably forgotten so many people but I have tried to illustrate how friendships are so important and mean so much at this time of year. I could go further afield to America and to Australia, to Hong Kong but I have just realised what a lucky guy I am! Maybe in the New Year I should stop being so grumpy but then I seriously care about the state of my country!  

Finally may I just thank all of the people who have drifted past this blog and contributed. Somehow I am attracting an audience of sorts because my viewing figures continue to escalate. Most of it is thanks to Captain Ranty for picking up this humble blog and granting me an Awkward Sod status! The fight against oppression will continue.    


NewsboyCap said...


Merry Christmas to you and yours, all the best for the new year.
Friends, wonderful aren't they?

Ripper said...

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and yours Bryboy.

I've finished work now and have been catching up on some of your previous articles, about Common Purpose. I wondered if you have heard of The Judas Class.

bryboy said...

Happy Christmas guys and tks for your input. Ripper tks for the steer towards the Judas Class. I am always astounded that so many people are prepared to sacrifice their integrity for greed.It will be a long fight back to regain the country we once had. Still for one day I will join the, drink and be merry Yo Ho Ho!

Muggins said...

Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year to you.
Normaly, I'm just a lurker,(How long do I have to lurk to be a long time lurker)
I don't comment usualy, as 'spot on'
'I agree' and 'How right you are' does not add anything meaningful to the comments section.
Crack on in 2012, I suspect a lot of 'lurkers' are just like me

bryboy said...

Hello Muggins please keep lurking. Comments like that make it all worth while. Let's hope that 2012 brings us hope!

Captain Ranty said...


A belated Merry Christmas from me.

I hope you had a wonderful day with your family and friends.

Together we can expose the deception, the fraud, and the illegality.

We are of a like mind.

I didn't "grant" you anything! You earned it all on your own!!

Keep blogging, my friend. We will be victorious.


bewick said...

when was Christmas again ah yes Sunday and my friends and neighbours kindly took pity on me and invited me for Christmas Lunch.
I HAD intended to visit my roots, and my sister, in Derbyshire. Unfortunately the Met Office, part of the MoD, spectacularly got it wrong yet again.
I despair for the airforce.
I consequently chose to forgo the promised ice and snow. Too old now although once a part of everyday winter life.
Mistake. Always bet against the MoD would be my advice.
Whatever Bryboy the Rams seem to be recovering a little. Good.
Belated Christmas greetings and have a great 2012.