Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Genuine Racism is Allowed in this country!

A story appeared in the Daily Mail today which has highlighted the hypocrisy of British justice. A Somali Muslim girl gang from Leicester were given suspended sentences for attacking a white British girl and were found guilty of actual bodily harm which carries a maximum sentence of five years. During the attack one of them was heard to scream, "Kill the white slag" (or words to that effect)!

This ridiculous sentence is designed purely to fan the flames of racism in this country. This Judge...Robert Brown, should immediately be sacked because to claim that he would excuse the attackers because they were Muslims and not used to drink is ludicrous! It is a decision based purely on racism and should be appealed.

Nobody forced it down their throats! Nobody forced them to scream racist slogans! Nobody forced them to violence! If the boot was on the other foot then the white attackers would have had the book thrown at them. Judge Robert Brown has form on hard sentencing but then he has just proven that he is incompetent like so many others who represent the state in our legal system.

His sentencing policy is racist and he should be exposed for it! No wonder we have groups like the English Defence League when we have judges like this!


Nick said...

I really, could weep. Dons Aluminium head gear.
I'm beginning to see direct provocation here. Yet the tram lady is remanded, for her own safety, who did She physically abuse? Someone somewhere will break and Britain will have its Anders Breivik.
Hope I'm wrong.

bewick said...

No there won't be an Anders Breivik, or I hope not. Instead there is an increasing possibility of a popular revolution on this sort of nonesense, immigration, and the EU.
Already getting close in Holland and other EU countries. The EU in particular will achieve the very thing it was supposed to prevent.

bryboy said...

Anders Breivik has been silenced. They will not bring him into court because clearly he had his reasons. We all know that he did, so wrong...but he had a glimpse of wrongdoing. He knew what the elite socialists were doing and he reacted in his own way. It was so wrong BUT he did have a point. He wanted to stop the corruption of the young by the political process. Common Purpose has a lot to answer for in this country but by now it is so deeply ingrained that we will find it extremely difficult to reverse. We are so deeply corrupted I just wonder where it will stop