Tuesday, 20 December 2011



Yesterday I had reason to call for the services of a paramedic. I won't go into details but he arrived within 2 minutes which has to be a record. I have in the past complained about waiting 7 hours for a team to arrive for my mother so I really should redress the balance.

I do know that they have a priority system so I was relieved to see him arrive. I have also criticised, at varying times, the attitude of some of the nursing staff particularly at two of Leicester's hospitals but I personally have never met a paramedic who has been anything less than amazing.

They all have that relaxed but proficient manner. They continually chat while performing a variety of tasks designed to ensure patient safety and will always explain if you need reassurance. I also know that they are stretched sometimes to breaking point but they never seem to rush.

I don't know what they are paid but to my mind it really is not enough. How they cope with some of the sights that they must encounter I do not know. I do however believe that when they attend the many young drunks who litter the streets particularly at festive periods then the drunks should be charged for the service that they don't deserve. Why don't politicians come up with common sense suggestions which would initiate income? In the army we used to call hangovers 'self inflicted wounds' and they should be accompanied by a hefty bill for services rendered by the paramedics.


F***W*T TW****R said...

Those same drunks have paid tax and N.I. as well. Those that are on the dole have their N.I. paid by the D.W..P. Why should they pay twice? I am a smoker, if I get lung cancer should I pay for treatment? Or the obese with type 2 diabetes? Both could be said to be self inflicted. What about someone that's driving too fast, crashes and is seriously injured?

bryboy said...

I was talking about social responsibility. The paramedic today spends so much time clearing the young drunks off the streets. We all have vices. You smoke and I drink too much and drive too fast (not both together)and we know the risks. I do not however go out of my way to inconvenience others. Having said that all views are respected in this house.