Monday, 5 December 2011

Lawful Rebellion

Many of us have often wondered how we can hit back at the rotten corrupt system that we allow to exist in this country. There is a way and it is called Lawful Rebellion. I closely follow a blog written by Captain Ranty and he is currently fighting the authorities over alleged unpaid speeding fines.

This dispute with the authorities has been going on for weeks and he has even had personal visits from the local plod. Yesterday he posted his response to the official notices that he has received. I bring this 'notice' to your attention because he is challenging the system on all our behalves. 

I promise that you will laugh at his nerve but there are many more important issues which he has highlighted and which need the oxygen of publicity. If you have never heard of Lawful Rebellion he will open your eyes! I know most of us do not want to hear evil of the monarch but read what he has to say. I'm afraid the evidence cannot be disputed.

It has made me think because instead of 'marching, and protesting' what would happen if Brenda suddenly received 100,000 affidavits swearing their allegiance to the Barons Committee. Somewhere on his blog he has detailed what we need to do. I must find it! I cannot think of a more effective way of challenging the system. Tell your mates and spread the word because he deserves our support and we should all be fighting for our own democratic rights!


Captain Ranty said...

Thanks for the link Bry!

The "fine" is not yet unpaid. They merely made me an offer so I did the same.

For information, (although exact numbers are hard to substantiate) I believe around 600,000 people have notified Brenda that they are in Lawful Rebellion. It could well be over a million by now. Not everyone shouts about it.

The problem? If an affidavit to Brenda contains the words "EU" or "European Union" it is sent directly to the Foreign Office, and Brenda has no idea that disgruntled citizens are rebelling.

Her secretaries do not even show her the paperwork.


Richy said...

Captain ranty is cool

lawful rebellion map

Captain Ranty said...

But Richy is way cooler!

How goes it Rich? Long time no type/speak etc.


bryboy said...

I'm missing something here but I suspect my blog is being upgraded! Welcome Richy!

bryboy said...

OMG! I am an infant! I am really a child in this demonstration against the political class! Richy actually commented on my blog and introduced me to a world that was unknown to me. I hope that I am being led into hope because we all need hope.