Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Monarchy and the EU...who rules?

Whenever the BBC overplays an issue then I begin to suspect their motives. Over the festive period they have obsessively covered the Duke of Edinburgh's heart scare. Now I know that the Christmas period is slow for news, apart from ethnic gangs stabbing each other in the Boxing Day sales, but this coverage was way over the top!

I do wonder what message they are trying to convey because in the blogosphere a major debate is raging about the validity of this monarchy. Behind the scenes of the BBC and the mainstream media a serious discussion is emerging about the constitutional  position of the monarchy and that relationship with the European Union.

In other words has the Queen actually signed away her Coronation oaths to the unelected commissars of the EU!? The problem is that hardly anyone could ever contemplate that our monarch knowingly would sell her country down the river. It is unthinkable! It is beyond any comprehension because we in the UK have such a solid base for democracy and it is built around parliament and the monarchy.

So what is the problem with these pesky bloggers and this bloody constitution? Why are they so concerned? Why do they stay up late at night stressing that the EU has usurped the monarchy? Well I can do no better than refer you to this discussion (scroll down to the 'On Sovereignty' post) and the accompanying comments and the Youtube clip.

Is this the reason that the BBC continues to promote the Royal Family? Is this really the mother of all cover ups? Have we been duped by the very person who is revered by so many? I would hope not but I am seriously beginning to have my doubts. What about you?

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bryboy said...

I had to adapt this post because I it wrote when it was late at night. I have deleted some of the extreme expression. We all have our weaknesses! If you read it I apologise!!