Wednesday, 21 December 2011

'We will make the west so corrupt that it stinks!'

THIS BLOG IS ANTI-EUI have been posting on this blog for almost 4 years. It was born out of frustration that I did not have a voice and that now I was retired I had the time to indulge myself. It has been an interesting journey because I do not have influential friends who could promote me so all I could do was write and write and hope that sooner or later I attracted some attention.

I have always maintained that the current social plight that we, here in the UK suffer, has been imposed upon us. Let's face it our social 'contract' has been destroyed. Who took the police off the streets? Who allowed diseases to thrive in our hospitals? Who approved mass immigration, many of them criminals and undesirables? Who gave a rabid Muslim population such a loud voice? Who encouraged young single girls to get pregnant? Who discouraged the family unit? I could go on for ever.

Today following my previous post from Australia, where their 'journey' is just beginning, I attracted a comment from 'Sue' and she provided me with this link It opened my eyes because for the first time I have something to hang my hat on. If you don't know where to start then you have no research direction.

The decay that we are experiencing in this country has been planned. It was planned way back in the nineteen twenties at the Institute for Social Research in Frankfurt. One of the original conspirators a guy called Willi Munzenberg, claimed that, 'we will make the west so corrupt that it stinks'. Well he got that right and that explains what is happening by courtesy of the EU. The commissioners of the EU are the modern day equivalent of the members of the Frankfurt Institute.

I intend to devote a lot more time to this. We the public must discover a way to fight back and restore our Christian values which are being dismantled from within. It is ironic that the only opposition that these disenchanted academics have received came from Adolf Hitler of all people who forced them to flee Frankfurt!


bewick said...

Seriously surprised Bryboy that you didn't already know about the Frankfurt School but then nor did I until a few years ago yet I once studied politics.
There is so much to learn about so much.
Am I right in thinking that one of the recent meetings about the euro was held in Frankfurt? Scary

bryboy said...

Hello Bewick mate I am currently reading up. I am beginning to believe that they are too deeply entrenched. I just don't know how we can counteract such a powerful force. My final hope is that the British people, through the blogosphere, may finally recognise that we are under threat. How do we educate the masses? I tell you what via people like Captain Ranty and 'Sue' we have people who are already on the ball but where is the rallying point? When do we stick the flag into the ground and say 'This is our last stand'!

bewick said...

Wish I knew but perhaps a mass march on Brussels and Strasburg (beautiful place) might happen anytime soon. Hope so. Patience must be all but exhausted - not just here but all over Europe. As for "such a powerful force". Well they are only powerful so as long as we allow them to be.
Ghaddafi was powerful; Mubbarak was powerful; Ceaucescu was powerful. I could go on.

Sue said...

A new website is being set up Talk Constitution with a view to allow people to discuss all aspects of this subject (moderation will be employed purely to negate trolls, bad language, etc) and is intended primarily for those in the United Kingdom. Presently a 'holding page' is visible, however it is hoped to have this new website 'working' by 2nd January 2012 and confirmation of that will appear on this blog.

Last Paragraph Witterings from Witney.

The forum will be a serious discussion as to the remedies/actions for seizing power back from politicians and putting it back in the hands of us, the people.

Dr Richard North has come up with a framework which he has called "Referism"..

Explained here:

We have to get serious now.

Tattyfalarr said...

If you haven't already (sorry only just found your blog so don't know)take a long hard look at Common Purpose and Julia Middleton.

If you have secondary school age children take a long hard look at their Young Leaders projects.

Academies independant from State ? Nope, infested with Common Purpose graduates.

bryboy said...

Tks for the info Sue. We do need a focal point for an exchange of views and information. Most of us support the same team but we don't have a stadium. I really look forward to this.

bryboy said...

Hello Tattyfalarr and welcome. I began this blog on the back of Common Purpose. I am well read on Brian Gerrish. Common Purpose is the toxic which motivated me. There was at one time a list of Common Purpose graduates on the net. It was interesting to see when they graduated and where they are now. Amongst them were very many senior police officers.


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