Monday, 5 December 2011

A New EU Treaty?


I am sure that I heard David Cameron reassure the public that if a new treaty was negotiated within the EU the British people would be granted a referendum. Of course he said that before the full extent of the Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Irish and Spanish debts became public.

I don't think that he ever envisaged a new treaty coming on the scene during the term of his premiership. I suspect that Nick Clegg, when he appeared on the Andrew Marr program, already knew what the Germans and French were up to when he began the excuses for not holding a referendum.

If this pair renege again on the promise of a referendum then we will all know what we already suspect...the politicians are scared witless of allowing the British public a vote on the EU! They recognise that the British inherently dislike being ruled by foreigners and that IS the bottom line. It was a traitorous decision and so unnecessary because Turkey have a trade agreement with the EU without being a member state.

Until we begin to protest in force I fear that this will always be the case. They won't budge until they feel threatened. 


Oldman said...

It's too late for lawful rebellion. There isn't an Englishman left or they would feel threatened. You are already a socialist satellite of the EU. If I am wrong Clegg would be attacked (physically) or under siege. It was nice knowing you, so long.

Julian Moss said...

What's needed is an "Occupy Parliament" movement that could try to get the government tried for treason for giving away our sovereignty to the EU. Nothing less than that will get us a referendum, as all the main political parties are in thrall to the New World Order.

When even one of the architects of the EU, Jacques Delors, admits what we have been claiming for years, that the EU is "flawed", someone should ask why then we are still finding ever more expensive band-aids to hold it all together.

People need to realize that it is our money, our hard earned taxes that are being poured into this bottomless EU money pit, not theirs.

bryboy said...

Oldman I thank you for your interest but there are plenty of 'Englishmen' left who are trying to maintain our identity. The problem is that our education system means that only the elderly remember the days when we had a democratic identity. Please don't give up!

Julian thank you for returning and despite your problems still caring. As ever you are bang on the button. We really do need to occupy Parliament and force them to recognise public opinion. I thought that I was the only person who had read up on the New World Order.

The state of the EU will soon remind everyone else that they should have taken an interest in politics!