Friday, 9 December 2011


Can our corrupt education system get any worse? There was a time when our children, with the exception of a small minority, left school with skills which could take them into employment generally at the age of 16. I was part of that system but some time in the nineteen sixties somebody got hold of the education programme and decided to change it. It was a bad move.

It was in 1971 that the British army decided that GCE's were no longer reliable as exemptions from the Army Certificate of Education (ACE) because someone realised that the exams had become so easy that they were dangerous and unacceptable. 

So is it any surprise that we now have a situation where the examination boards are leaking exam questions to selected schools? Make no mistake this is a really venal criminal act. Education is the bedrock of any civilised country. Here we have bred a generation, no two or three generations many of whom had no proper education. The only kids who get educated today are those with decent parents who cooperate with the school and help with the homework.

Now we have examiners who think that it is acceptable to 'leak' answers or even 'leak' questions. If we don't put these people into the dock and punish them punitively then even the ineffective education system that we have allowed to develop will be unfair.

We have had almost two decades of exam improvement which frankly nobody believes. I have been posting about this for almost three years. Now we hear about this latest corruption... nobody will be surprised but will anyone get twenty years in prison for treason? That is the problem! Nobody is punishing the guilty because they hide in the background and quietly inflict their venomous instructions on the children. In this case I await charges and harsh punishment but somehow I doubt whether it will happen.



Anonymous said...

In the 1970's exam results were based on the bell curve so it didn't really matter how easy exams were, the brightest and most educated would get the best grades, (trust squadies not to work that one out).

Now of course things are very different, one passes exams by getting a a certain percentage.

So yes, now they mean so little.


bryboy said...

Tks for your interest Simon..I smiled at your reference to 'squadies'. Just remember it was the officers who made the decisions!!