Sunday, 4 December 2011

Nick Clegg

I suspect that if we had known prior to the last election that the Lib Dems would be power sharing then many of their votes would have been cast in other directions. Much of the electorate were totally disillusioned with NoLab, my term for New Labour because of their lack of socialist principles and older voters could also remember how relieved we were to see the end of John Major's Tories.

So the LibDems became the party of protest, 'the inbetweenies', who would never amount to very much. When the Cameron/Clegg Coalition was formed many of us were relieved to have got rid of Gordon Brown. Unfortunately the Coalition are not tackling the problems which the public want them to tackle. On the contrary they are not listening to the public, the bloggers, the letter writers and many of the hacks.

Nick Clegg appeared on the Andrew Marr Show this morning and quickly demonstrated what a slippery character he has become by weasel wording in every possible way why we wouldn't get a referendum on the EU even though they are talking about changing the constitution yet again.

Then later in the day they issued a party political broadcast featuring Brian Paddick which had the main theme that the Lib Dems would be listening to the public! Many of their leading politicians have already proven that they are not a very nice bunch (Huhne, Laws, Hughes etc) so I can only conclude that given a second chance they will not poll a fraction of their votes at the last election.

So that's the hat trick then! We can't trust the Tories, No Lab or the Lib Dems! I just wonder if the public might just turn to UKIP at the soon to be held by-election. 


Anonymous said...

I fucking well hope so! I am proud of the fact that the 400 and odd people I helped to convince to vote UKIP, stopped the Cons getting Bpool South, it went to Liebour, but the Cons needed only 219 votes to win the seat!

SAB said...

If this crap goes on for much longer I think they'll be more protests, possibly violent ones. Especially with stories like this foreign aid law they're talking about. I mean what's that about! Charity begins at home FULL STOP.

Giving an extra £4B away will not go down well at all with the voters. As long as people DON'T just switch back to voting Labour! (If I have to listen to Ed's annoying voice any more than is absolutely necessary I swear i'll go insane. His answer to everything is to borrow more and spend more, yawn...).

No doubt they've got a sweetener lined up for this new law they seem desperate to pass through (as always) but IMO the general public are getting very tired of the never ending stream of lies, corruption and outright stupidity.

This blog gives me a place I can rant for 5 mins. Thanks v much! I feel a bit better now :-)

bryboy said...

Tks for your interest guys. SAB this is precisely the reason that I began it! I had nowhere to vent my wrath and I was sick at screaming at the telly! Somehow we must find a way telling these useless and venal politicians that we are all sick of their duplicity. I still believe (reluctantly) that violence may be the only answer and I am too old for that.