Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The BBC and the EU so predictable it is funny!

The reaction to David Cameron's veto decision was so predictable it is becoming tedious. The Labour party, the LibDems, the BBC and newspapers like the Guardian and the Mirror immediately jumped on the bandwagon declaring apocalypse now, isolation, marginalisation and national disaster.

Ed Miliband and his front row threw the book at Cameron yesterday in parliament and as usual he just swatted them away. Nick Clegg couldn't even bring himself to turn up! His absence actually drew the fire off the PM for a while. It strikes me that Nick only wants to be part of a Coalition as long as he gets his own way.

Behind Miliband some of the more independently minded Labour MPs like, Kate Hoey, Frank Field and Austin Mitchell agreed that the veto was the right decision but as usual the most desperate attack comes from within the BBC. How this left wing propaganda machine can still command licence payer's money defeats me? I do wonder how some of their journalists can stomach the stance that they have to adopt? There was no attempt at impartiality, their tone was funereal to the point that it is becoming funny!

The Labour party has in fact been discredited forever following their spending spree with our taxes but the very people who brought the economy close to ruin are continually paraded in front of the cameras by the BBC. I cringe every time I see politicians like Prescott, Blair, Balls, Darling, Harman etc etc because their views and comments have no value. We are fed a diet of climate change, the EU and socialism. It is time to abandon the licence fee because they have lost the right to command it.


bewick said...

Again cannot disagree. I used to like Paxman but on Newsnight last night he was SO biased.

Ripper said...

"It is time to abandon the licence fee because they have lost the right to command it."

They don't command anything. I've been free of the 'licence' fee for a number of years now. All you need to do is say NO.

bryboy said...

Tks for your interest Ripper. Friends of mine dip in and out of this blog. Would you like to expand your refusal to pay?

david said...

Cancel the Direct Debit, easy.
Don't reply to their postal threats, easy.
DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT allow the TV. Licence inspector in to your house, easy.
Politely ask them to leave your property, then close the door, easy.

TV. Detector vans have nothing inside them except the driver.Remember you are not called 'the Occupier' without your name they are powerless.

bryboy said...

David I really thank you for your response. I suspect that I am being educated. If I am being educated then so many of my friends will also read this. Please everyone read the response from David and Ripper. You do not need to pay the BBC license fee. Challenge them because they have no jurisdiction over you. If you challenge the 'system' they actually cannot prosecute you. If you accept their authority then they screw you. Heh I have suddenly got the picture!LOL!

Ripper said...

"If you accept their authority then they screw you"

This is exactly the point. They are NOT an authority but a private company called Capita who 'enforce' the licence payment on behalf of the BBC.

Neither do they have any authority. If you tell their 'enforcer' to leave he has to do so, or risk charges of harassment.

What David says is spot on, except for one detail - it doesn't matter if they do know your name, the key thing is not to communicate with them in any way because they will use anything you say in a statement against you. The only way they can prosecute anyone is by their own admission so do NOT speak to their 'enforcers' except to tell them to sod off. I'm not so polite as David.

From the TVLA's own website:
"You need to be covered by a valid TV Licence if you watch or record TV as it's being broadcast"

Note the words 'as it's being broadcast'. How are they to PROVE that you're doing this? The 'enforcer' needs to get a warrant before he can enter your premises, and to do that he has to have concrete PROOF that an 'offence' is being committed. That means he would have to be standing there filming you watching TV. A fully tuned TV set hooked up to an aerial is NO proof.

Over 30 years in hobbyist electronics has also taught me that even if they had detection equipment, which they don't - a trace from a computer monitor is indistinguishable from that of a TV set, especially since the arrival of LCD/LED TV's. There is also no way of knowing what is being displayed, whether its a TV program or DVD.

My refusal to pay is two fold. Firstly I am not gullible enough to believe their fake 'authority'. If they have no right to demand payment from me, then I have no right to pay it. Secondly, I am not intimidated by their bluff and bluster.

Bryboy, appologies for a long post but thanks for giving me the opportunity to say all this. If everyone gets educated and refuses to pay perhaps the filth that is the BBC will be forced to clean up its act.

bryboy said...

Ripper, Wow what a comment! I will direct people back to it because the trouble with blogging is that the next post makes the previous post old news. I really thank you for your contribution to this blog. In actuality I am just an old guy venting his spleen but somehow I am attracting a readership tks to Captain Ranty including me in his 'Awkward Squad'! Every now and then someone educates me and I will now do my bit.

Ripper said...

In my book the Captain is a hero with balls of steel. Not all of us are in a position to do what he's done, nevertheless he's opened the eyes of many people including myself, who otherwise would have carried on blindly. I've been reading his blog since it started about 3 years ago on a daily basis and usually I'll work my way down his list of 'awkward sods' so I've quite possibly been reading your blog just as often. I rarely comment, if at all because someone will always jump in and say it for me.

You may be, in your words, just an old guy venting his spleen, however I'm thankful for the existence of the blogosphere. It's become the only place where one can get reliable news, free from the propaganda of the MSM and shows things from different angles, as well as sometimes being entertaining (yes, Max Farquar I'm looking at you).