Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Are they scared?

The European Union leaders are reacting to David Cameron's veto. Today Jose Manuel Barrosso, former President of the EU, pitched in to condemn the UK. At the same time reports arrive that the credit rating of all 27 countries in the euro zone are under pressure. There are also reports that the Chinese have rejected attempts to prop up the euro! 

It is unravelling! Only the Germans can save the euro and I would place a hefty bet that Angela Merkel cannot get the Germans to accept that. At long last the flawed policy of bunging African leaders huge sums of money to buy up the fashionable areas of Paris is coming home to roost.

Most of the quangos that we have in the UK are funded by our own money. The money, billions of it, goes into the melting pot and comes back out to fund people who will bow their heads to EU regulation. It is never accountable because the EU cannot pass an audit!

So what happens now? I think everyone agrees that the euro is dead but it just depends how long Mercozy will resist the death. Socialists always fail. Socialists crave for power but can never handle it. Every socialist exercise has failed because they have flawed principles. It is all about power and never about integrity. Most of us inherently inherit integrity which place us against the EU. They are getting scared!

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