Thursday, 8 December 2011

Can we dare to dream?

To those of us who passionately believe that the European Union is a ghastly rip off and our membership should be rescinded as soon as possible the last 24 hours have been encouraging. At long last some politicians are wakening up and challenging our PM about his beliefs and actions on the EU.

I have been posting for some months that David Cameron is not a Conservative and despite his oratory skills and pre-election promises he and his mate, Nick Clegg, have no intention of allowing the public a referendum on the EU no matter what changes Mercozy make to our position in Europe. 

He routinely stands up in Westmonster and pretends that he is eurosceptic to placate a large number of his elected party but when it comes to action nothing happens. Yesterday at PM's Question Time at long last Ed Miliband landed a blow. He was assisted however, by many Tory MPs who were called, one after another, by a manipulative Speaker to demand action on the changing situation in the EU.

Today the Daily Mail has followed up big time and columnist Stephen Glover joined the attack. Where have they all been? We all know that Ed Miliband is just a political opportunist and he has supported the anti-referendum lobby for all his political life but what about the Tory eurosceptics? Most of them have kept shtum ever since the Coalition was formed.

The EU is a mess. The euro should be doomed. The scandalous red tape that the EU imposes on us is ridiculous and the Human Rights Act  is notorious. Why should anyone want to retain membership of a flawed and undemocratic organisation?

In the end the only way out for David Cameron will be to consult the public. If he doesn't then the public should walk away from the polling booths because any future election will be futile. 


NewsboyCap said...


I think that your suggestion is correct.
I shall be trying to convince every one I know that not voting for any party is the best and only option the people have.
TPTB may then begin to question their own corrupt ways...........but then again!

Maverick said...

The best way is to identify the most honest person in the constituency and persuade them to stand and vote en masse for independents that want to change the system .. #

bryboy said...

That will be me then Maverick!!