Friday, 16 December 2011

Is this really Democracy in the 21st century?

Seema Malhotra may be a very nice young lady. She has just won the Feltham and Heston By Election so she is our latest MP and she represents the Labour Party. I cannot understand how over 12000 people could cast a vote for a party which, led by someone like Ed Miliband, spent 13 years trying to destroy this country. 

I suspect that many who cast their vote for Ms Malhotra probably were not born in this country because for some unknown reason they do seem to favour the Labour party. That however is not my beef as it was bound to happen sooner or later.

My cause for concern is the low turnout. The Political Class has managed to alienate a vast swathe of the population to such an extent that far less than one third of the electorate bothered to vote. Of those that did vote about 50% voted for Ms Malhotra which means that at best 15% of the constituents cast a vote for her.

This is ridiculous! Are we really at the stage where an MP can be elected by 15% of the constituency? The major political parties have switched the public off. They monopolise elections because it costs so much to campaign for parliament. Only the big battalions can cover the ground necessary to influence opinion. The thinking public have realised that it matters not a jot where they cast their votes because  we just get more of the same.

How low will the turnout have to get before someone says 'this is not democracy'?  Do we need compulsory voting? Wherever the answer lies it is clear that this turnout is a national humiliation for the politicians.


Maverick said...

If you can't be arsed to vote then you deserve what you get .. If you can get a video to go viral then a well thought out campaign should be viable.

If you cannot recruit enough volunteers to support and back a candidate in the elections again .. you get what you deserve ..

It ain't going to happen without hard work and some people making huge sacrifices.

Surely you can get enough sound honest Independents to stand who are prepared to fight for the country the people and the constitution ,,.,

They can't any more of a mess of the economy that the present and past lot !!!

bewick said...

High time I think that we took a lesson from the Aussies and made voting not a choice but an obligation with a serious fine if not excercised.
Same applies to Trades Union votes on strikes - that is if less than 50% of MEMBERS vote for a strike then the strike is illegal.
And YES I have crossed picket lines.
Just my 2 penn'orth.

SAB said...

I totally agree with Bewick.

bryboy said...

Yes guys I really thank you for your input. Clearly Maverick we cannot get enough independents to challenge the party machines. Nobody has the money to throw away. I do think that any election whether union or public should have to attract at least 50% of the electorate/members to be validated. If they cannot attract at least that percentage then they don't get an MP or a result. If people knew that then they might just get off their backsides. The silent majority are clearly totally pissed off but under the current regulations they allow people to be returned with minimal support. The Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs etc etc will love it because they will clearly support their own which allows them a seat. We have to pay attention.