Monday, 26 December 2011

Wherever you go!

The Military Wives' Choir

The unexpected success of the army wife's choir with their number one Christmas hit song speaks volumes for the hearts of the British people. It doesn't matter how many Common Purpose goons they hire, how many Liberal europhiles they stuff into Westmonster or what European laws are forced upon us the British people will always do the right thing.

They know that the British soldiers are fighting in a war that only the politicians can justify and that their wives and families often spend months waiting for their loved ones to return that is when they do return. The public as usual were never granted an opportunity to show their support for the troops so they invented Wootton Bassett which must have deeply embarrassed the Political Class.

Now along comes another opportunity for the public to issue yet another spontaneous gesture to the politicians. It is a rather nice and sentimental song but for it to top the Christmas charts in such a spectacular manner suggests there  is a much more important message being directed at our politicians.

In almost every living room this Christmas when families gathered together there have been muttered conversations about the state of the country. We don't want this miserable association with unelected European socialists. We really do want our country back and one day we will get it so think on Mr Cameron... because if we can't rely on you then we will find someone else.


SAB said...

Well said Bryboy! A very good friend of mine sings in the choir. It's been a great experience for her. Husband goes back for another Afghan tour next year.

bewick said...

Hello Bryboy.
Well I'm a somewhat hardened soul but have to admit that every time see or hear this song then tears roll down my cheeks. Am I crying? How could you even suggest that?

the LAST time I sang in a choir was just before my voice broke. Before that I was seriously good and a soloist. After? Well after I could hardly sing a note and the choirmaster, in his disappointment, simply didn't believe me but 'twas true. I can now, sometimes, manage to sing and I have the advantage of perfect pitch - but not the voice.It pains me,.

bewick said...

and oh, by the way, I think that I was pointed to your site by another blogger and possibly Ian Dale who no longer blogs sadly.