Thursday, 15 December 2011

How soon will the dollar and the euro collapse?

One of the really good things about retirement is that you have time to research and in particular time to wander around the Internet. It is truly the eighth wonder of the world. Yes it is also a dangerous and evil place and no child should be left alone to explore it but for me it has been a blessing.

I tend to follow threads and I picked one up today at Captain Ranty's pad and followed it onto Youtube. I then searched for videos by a guy who goes under the pseudonym 'stormcloudsgathering'. He has made a number of videos predicting a disastrous future unless we the public curb the power of the politicians and the bankers.

It was this one however which caught my eye. I have often posted about the centuries old antics of the Rothschild banking dynasty and how they make money. It would appear that they are still at it and unless they are stopped history will repeat itself. The orator explains what they do and how the collapse of the euro AND the dollar is inevitable!

If it happens then gold reserves should become very important and then I found this little beauty. I reiterate that Gordon Brown should be facing a court of law! How can any one man be allowed to squander such a vast sum of money without even an Inquiry? He should be made to explain how a man with his background could show such poor judgement. I personally have always believed that his actions were deliberate and he set out from day one to bring the economy to its knees.   He really should be investigated.

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