Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Nigel Farage

Prior to the last election I encouraged people to use the election as a referendum on the European Union. I believed that this would be the only chance that we would ever have of bloodying the noses of the politicians.  Of course it didn't happen...everyone trooped off to the polling booths and cue normality they voted Con/Lab/Lib so we got what we deserved. 

In Brussels one man is batting for Britain! One British man is fronting up to the European disaster. Only one man has the courage to face the eurocrats and tell them the truth. He stood against the Speaker at the last election and mysteriously had to survive a plane crash!

I cannot tell you how high I place Nigel Farage on my list of great Britains. He has immense courage to (sorry) piss against a gale. His speech to the EU parliament is a masterly display of British intolerance. Watching Nigel Farage almost compares to the defence of the Dunkirk beaches. He is alone! He is just one man trying to defend us all.

So I now produce his speech to the European parliament which is fantastic. He should be our next Prime Minister because we all know that he bats for Britain and we cannot say that for so many of our useless/corrupt/greedy (oh hell pick your adjective) politicians.

I now give you Nigel Farage and you can see the reason WHY!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULns-cSUeVs


SAB said...

Best speech I've heard in ages.

bewick said...

Spotted it a couple of days ago and circulated to many on my contacts list. Seems they are forwarding too. The Beeb, indeed many of the MSM, will never publicise it.

bryboy said...

No... as ever it is up to the blogosphere to reflect the truth.I suspect that if we ever get another election 'GON' (Good old Nigel} will get a lot more votes. The big question is ...will he get enough to make a difference? I would rather see him challenging our own MPs with his ascerbic oratory. He really frightens them! Did you see their nervous smiles and shuffling of paper? I really hope that nothing happens to him. Seriously I fear for his safety because he is challenging a huge conspiracy. Will anyone back him? Is there another politician with his conviction? Yeah I know the answer too!