Monday, 14 November 2011

Ground to Air Missiles??

missile defense systemWTF? How on earth can we the British people be contemplating the use of Ground to Air Missiles to protect the Olympic Games? What is happening? Who do we fear and if that is the suggestion why did we bid for this toxic event?

Ever since we prevailed in our bid for the 2012 Olympics the British people have been betrayed. The sale of tickets became a commercial enterprise. The building of the Olympic village and the stadium still reaks of sleaze particularly when it comes to its disposal. Everything has been arranged behind closed doors and clearly under the auspices of Lord Seb Coe huge profits have been concluded.

All of my life I have loved the Olympics. I have loved the ultimate competition and celebrated all of our medals. Suddenly, typically our sleazy, Political Class have achived the ultimate... they have actually turned me off. Why should I bid for tickets when all the corporate bodies had already been allocated the very tickets that I wanted?

Why should I bid for tickets for minority events which frankly do not interest me? Those people who naively submitted their credit card details for something that they didn't want will now find themselves spectators to uninteresting activities. They are being used to fill up the empty spaces. 

Sorry but if they really believe that we may need Ground to Air missles to defend the Olympic Games then I will watch on the telly! 


Anonymous said...

Much more exciting than watching the Archery though....

Anonymous said...

If, heaven forbid, a plane is shot down near the olympic "village" the wreckage will still land in the vicinity, won't it?
I suggest that all spectators afford themselves a steel umbrella and attend in groups with at least one designated air raid spotter.
Who the FF thinks up this bollux?

bryboy said...

I agree with both posts but I do not understand why we,the public, have been exposed to what I would regard as obvious security procedure. Do we really need to know that ground to air missiles will be deployed if necessary? I would expect protection but I really don't want to know the details. Why the publicity?