Monday, 7 November 2011

The 2012 Olympics

I am almost incandescent with rage! Now that takes something special because at my age rage should really be avoided. Rage causes stress and stress for the elderly is a condition which must be avoided at all times. So what has brought me to this critical point of my life and I will direct you towards the Olympic Games.

I am an avid sports fan. No that is too mild because I am almost obsessive about sport. I am even more obsessive about the Olympics because I have glued myself to the television at every Olympic Games since... well I remember watching the 1948 London Olympics at the cinema with my Dad.

So when we 'won' the Olympics for 2012 I was pleased. At my age I was probably too old to apply for tickets but nevertheless I thought it was good for my country. Then the jiggerypokery began! Lord Seb Coe who was a magnificent athlete and a dreadful person led the British bid and in my opinion was, for the public, the worst person possible and for the Political Class, the epitome of their dreams! 

Under his leadership a more corrupt scheme for the allocation of tickets could not have been devised. What was left over was offered to the public and to get any kind of ticket they had to register a credit card and had no idea what kind of ticket they would obtain!

I mean can you imagine this happening in any other walk of life? You will pay up front but you do not know what ticket for what event you will achieve. It was a nonsense and two thirds of the public didn't get anything at all and that included parents, friends, advisors, coaches or personal sponsors. I could not believe what was happening but then where were the good tickets going? What was happening to the 'golden' tickets  and now we know.

For months we have seen corporate bodies advertising Olympic tickets as prizes for their sleazy competitions. Now today the crunch has been uncovered. OUR GOVERNMENT spent three quarters of a million pounds of OUR money in securing the BEST tickets for government supporters, civil servants, quango queens and well anyone who is in 'the club'.

They defend their scandalous corruption by declaring that these government officials will 'pay' for their tickets! Oh goody so these servants of the proletariat will actually pay for the 'golden' tickets but who will monitor that? Who will ensure that the 'club' members actually pay for the very best Olympic tickets or will we through our taxes ensure that the most corrupt people in our society get the best seats?

How long are we going to put up with this utter  corruption?They are spitting on us the public and they don't care. They have corrupted the Olympic Games and no matter what happens now they have corrupted and ruined the 2012 Olymic Games. Only our Political Class could achieve that. The trumpeting of the journey of the Olympic torch will never diminish the scandal of the distribution of the tickets!

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