Saturday, 12 November 2011

An Art Attack!

Eleanor Cardozo
I am not an avid art connoseur but like most men in the street I know what I like and I most certainly know what I don't like. Some of the horror shows that pose as art are ridiculous and at every opportunity the 'arting' fraternity seem to prefer controversy to talent. So when I saw the snippet below penned today in the Daily Mail by their irrascible columnist Quentin Letts I sat up and took notice.

Give this sculptor a gold medal

Could the London Olympics have found better artists for its posters than Britart splodgers Tracey Emin and Martin Creed? Sculptor Eleanor Cardozo spent months imploring the Games’s organisers to give her a chance. She received ‘over 100’ letters of rejection.

The Russians had better taste. Miss Cardozo, 45, has now been hired to create scores of works for their Olympics team, some of which will be displayed in London.

As this example of her work shows, Miss Cardozo is an unfashionable exponent of classical figurative line.

She never stood a chance with the trendy-art loonies down at the London Olympics!

Too diplomatic to slag off Emin and Co., she simply says: ‘It sometimes seems that in London all you have to do is produce something provocative or disgusting and you are famous.’

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I immediately googled Ms Cardozo to see her interpretation of art and found her homepage. Mr Letts describes the London Olympics organising committee as 'trendy-art loonies' and I have to agree. The pieces crafted by Ms Cardozo are beautiful and how they could turn down this talent in favour of the grubby crap produced by people like Tracey Emin cannot be defended. Lunacy really is the only word!

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