Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Police

I am becoming increasingly concerned about the actions of our police. We used to wonder how the people tolerated the actions of forces like the Stasi, the Volkspolizei or even the Gestapo for that matter but increasingly the actions of our law enforcement officers are causing concern.

Today in the Daily Mail (as ever) they report outlandish behaviour of the police  and of course nobody is culpable, Nobody is punished and nobody loses their jobs.

This comes hard on top of a report that hundreds of police who have been guilty of misconduct are being allowed to resign in order to retain their pensions.

Then we have reports that some police in the United States are also guilty of behaviour which is contrary to any semblance of lawful regulation. Watch their behaviour...they are out of control and we in a democratic society cannot countenance this behaviour. An innocent woman was forcibly stripped by a mixed force! It could be any of us and they always predict that what happens in the States soon appears on our streets.

We must be aware that the police should be accountable to the public not to the politicians. They are absent from the streets. Criminality is rife. Where are they when the thieves are able to desecrate war graves for metal? Where are they when our kids cannot walk the streets safely? Where were they when the riots occurred? Clearly we, the general public, have been abandoned to any fate which might just happen to us.

Beware folks...we are rapidly becoming the Soviet Union/East Germany and nobody in Westmonster is challenging it!!

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Anonymous said...

Westminster isn't challenging it because they're condoning it. Police Constables are there to uphold common law and to 'serve and protect' - Police Officers are the government's henchmen, or 'brownshirts' as I think they were once called. Their remit is completely different to that of a constable.