Sunday, 20 November 2011

UK Uncut

Back in March I penned a series of reports about UK Uncut, a group of people who believed in peaceful protest and specialised in disrupting activity at high profile locations. In a well publicised event back in March well over a hundred of them 'occupied' Fortnum and Masons.

Despite the assurances of a lady police inspector that, if they left peaceably, they would not face arrest they all walked out to be arrested by the TSG. It was later reported that the charges against 109 were later quietly dropped but the remainder were found guilty of 'aggravated trespass' last week. What hasn't been reported is that the judge just let them 'walk' and did not impose any penalty.

I often wondered if the actions of the police had intimidated this group because they were quiet in the summer months. What I missed when I was in Florida in October was a protest that took place on Westminster Bridge on 9th October so I include a clip which demonstrate that some people still care and know how to protest in a non violent way. 

I may not agree with some of their left wing opinions but I like their willingness to get on the streets and irritate authority. I just hope that they retain their independence and do not get swallowed by union influence. 

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Anonymous said...

But there has to be the threat of violence.