Thursday, 17 November 2011

Our troops in Afghanistan!

Can anyone please tell me why our troops are still dying in Afghanistan? Why have we allowed ourselves to be tied up in a never ending war? We don't belong there... we never have belonged there... this is a war which can never be won!

It has nothing to do with our personal security. It has never been about our internal security because we are an island and if we wanted to maintain our security then Brodie Clarke would never have been appointed.

We have never won the war of hearts and minds because frankly we don't belong there. It is nothing to do with us and history confirms that Afghanistan is probably the worst country in the world to try and impose authority. Any invading force has always lost! Ask the Russians... ask our own Victorians! They don't take kindly to invaders. They are tribal and ferocious and dogged.

So if we want our sons to be picked off one by one then let's continue this wanton waste of humanity. Let this war linger without any conclusion. We will never win, we cannot win because the people don't want us  and don't understand why we are there. Nobody can impose western values on a tribal society.

Bring the troops home!

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