Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Criminal Justice System

Is it not about time that our politicians re-examined the Criminal Justice System? Why has the justice in this country swayed towards the criminal rather than the victim?

Every time that we see a major crime, or a repetitious crime or any kind of violence the punishment never fits the crime. So where do we start?

Well we all know that the police have disappeared from the streets at least where the defence of the public is concerned. No matter what the politicians say we do not have bobbies on the beat and consequently we are vulnerable to local thugs and in many area this means gangs of kids.

So what happens in the unlikely event that one of these criminals is actually brought before the court? The victim is ignored. Then all the excuses are brought into play by defence lawyers who frankly are well versed in the 'game' of getting their thug (client) a soft sentence.

Then when they have committed so very many similar crimes and it is apparent that the public would no longer tolerate this individual on the streets a sentence is concocted. They are 'sentenced' to a period of detention by a judge who knows very well that the 'system' will NEVER allow that sentence to be served in full. Time after time criminals are allowed back into our society (no matter the crime) to enjoy a freedom they do not deserve. It is appalling.

So what happens when the habitual criminal, the so very bad person, actually commits crimes against society and is locked up? They face a life of luxury which most of us could never afford. Free meals, free medical care, free dental care, free gyms, free libraries, free access to degree courses, free accommodation and free... well I don't know... but even drugs are readily available in our prisons.

Our prisons are luxury salons for the very worst of our criminals!

So let me pose a question to our politicians...when will you introduce a system which will punish a CRIMINAL!? How can we the public continue to support a system which rewards crime and subjects our children and grandchildren to a life behind closed doors?

David Cameron why do you allow this in a so called democracy? Why do you appoint a europhile like Ken Clarke as a Justice Minister? Ed Miliband... why do you not lead this as a leading question at PM's Question Time?  Are we, the public, not worth protecting?

Nick Clegg...oh never mind!

Until we redress the balance of the lack of criminal justice then we will never have a decent society. I don't know what drives our mainstream politicians to accept what blatantly is an injustice but they never seem to address the major problems that causes this injustice. They never address it! Why? Because it keeps us all in our place and the system is actually corrupt. In my opinion our courts are actually illegal...that is one of the very many reasons that they soft pedal on crime.

We the public accept everything because we are apathetic. We never get on the streets and demonstrate like the Greeks, Egyptians, Italians, Tunisians, Bahrenians, Syrians and we have a similar gripe. We should never need to take to the streets but increasingly our useless and corrupt justice system is letting us all down. They are politically driven and it is not enough.

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