Sunday, 27 November 2011

How bad do things have to get?

On Thursday I posted my thoughts on the Criminal Justice System that poses as law and order in this country. I was particularly scathing on sentencing and prison conditions because it is my contention that criminals have NO fear of justice in this country. We tolerate the most horrendous crimes and watch helplessly as the perpetrators are given slaps on the wrist and then released very quickly to commit repeat offences against the public.

So when I read that a 79 year old lady has been murdered trying to defend a handbag containing her husbands ashes then I really have to ask the bad will things have to get before someone in Westmonster admits that we must change the system? How bad must it get before someone stands up at PM's Question Time and demands justice for victims? How bad must it get before we convert our publically sponsored holiday camps into proper prisons with harsh conditions?

If we ever catch the person who mugged this old lady why can't he/she be publically flogged or even (better still) executed. When will we insist that the punishment fits the crime? Why do we tolerate uncivilised behaviour and insist that the public abide by civilised actions? It is time for a return to medieval punishment because it would herald a return to civilised behaviour!

There is a sizeable minority in our society who choose criminality above honesty. They choose that path because they have nothing to fear. Their is, at the moment, no deterrent which would persuade them that criminality is actually not worth it.

We are rapidly descending into the abyss. Crimes are bordering on the unfathomable. Very soon some of us will not be able to imagine the type of crime unfolding. It must stop! Somebody in government...anybody of any party...must realise that the system we use, the people who administer this system..must change their direction. We have to announce a dramatic attempt to introduce fear into the criminal fraternity.

I would suggest that the government commissions a mozzy ridden, uninhabited Scottish island close to the Outer Hebrides and convert it into a prison! Drop food in on a weekly basis! Let them fight for it! Some might die but I reckon nobody will want to go back. The very mention of a sentence on this island would very soon strike terror in the heart of every criminal. Sentences could be short (3 months should be enough), it would be very cheap to administer and should only be used for the nastiest of crimes.

You may dismiss this idea but then I challenge you to instigate anything else that will instantly stop crimes where old ladies are killed trying to defend their husbands ashes!


SAB said...

I like your ideas, but there are too many 'do gooders' to allow that to happen. I think people should instantly lose their rights on committing a crime. Everything seems geared up to protect the criminals rather than the victims. I watched tonights Inside Out programme which took a look inside Rampton High Security Hospital where lots of extremely violent offenders are sent, some of which have carried out hideous crimes. All I can say is they have access to a huge swimming pool, gym, tv's that include all the sky sports packages. They even get £100 a month allowance to spend at the shop!!! That sells most stuff you'd find in your local spar, except for anything sharp, and ciggies. It's a tough life being a violent criminal!!! There is no hope for the UK justice system until things change. :-(

bryboy said...

Tks for your continuing interest SAB...You will notice that I have followed up today with yet another case. I believe that light sentencing is one of the modern evils. Crimes continue to escalate in degrees of violence and yet nobody is prepared to crack down on the perpetrators! These judges preside over this violence and none of them are prepared to take a stand!